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No matter how you’re feeling, donuts can make you feel just that little extra goodness in

Break Your Addiction

to Sugar & Junk Food


Stop Suffering


Transform Your Health


  • Health Consultations

  • Clinical Eye Analysis (Iridology)

  • Face & Tongue Readings

Detox Protocols​

What is Regenerative Health?

It's getting to the ROOT CAUSE of discomfort and disease.

Then treating it with dietary & lifestyle changes, superfoods and medicinal herbs.

Regenerative Health uses NON-INVASIVE techniques such as symptomatology, Iridology, and urine and bowel movement visualizations.

Heidi Lajos

Certified Regenerative Health Practitioner 

      & Clinical Iridologist

I'm here to help you!

Are you chronically sick, tired, overweight or all of the above?

Discovering what it means to feel and live healthy can be confusing, challenging, and full of temptation.


My role is to guide you through your journey and help you stay on track.

Using high-quality superfoods & herbal medicine, iridology and customized programs, I help you address your specific health issues and discover what it means to live your healthiest life.

I've tried numerous nutritional theories, but it wasn't until I discovered the philosophy of Regenerative Health that I experienced the full depth of total nutritional transformation.


This philosophy has not only changed my life, but the lives of thousands

of others.

Getting Started is Easy!


Book a FREE Consultation
with Heidi


Receive your Customized
Program & Support


Feel better in your body!
Have more energy!
Live your healthiest life!

Heidi has helped me revive my postpartum body & given me the tools to be a sane & healthier version of myself as busy working mom of 3 high energy kids! I wouldn't have the energy to keep up with this lifestyle if it wasn't for her guidance!
For years, I've dealt with chronic psoriasis, and I'm completed floored that it’s been completely resolved thanks to this nutrition plan.
In addition to how Heidi's support has helped me physically, it's also given me the confidence to let go of anti-depressants that I'd been on for so long because I didn't think it was possible to be myself without them. 
Now that my body is getting what it needs, I'm no longer craving junk food and it has drastically improved my mental health.
Heidi has also made herself available for video chats on days I feel like I'm falling off track and  offered me guided meditations or workshops to get right back at it.  I'm so grateful for all her love and support. 
I was lucky enough to attend one of her cooking classes.  It's made me such a more health conscious food shopper/meal prepper.  As cliche as this may sound, my only regret in not investing in this lifestyle sooner!


     Washington, CT


Working with Heidi was the most warming and comfortable experience for me. Especially as a person who hadn’t done a cleanse or anything of that nature before. She was able to identify what was going on with my body easily and guide me gently to a place of healing that has since stayed with me!

I was experiencing stomach pains that were resolved by the work we did together!

We discovered foods that were irritating my gut and I learned what to avoid to allow it to heal.


     Chicago, IL

Heidi is made with a grit in her soul, determination running through her blood, a delightful heap of presence throughout, with a dash of magic and a true joy for creating meal plans out of a garden!
Foods that are not only simple and fun, but beautiful and nourishing.
80/20 is her rule of thumb. And I'm looking forward to regenerating this next chapter of my life.
From sushi and dipping sauces to the easiest way to cut a watermelon, at 44, I can learn new eating habits, healthier food choices, quick and satisfying meals. And Heidi helped me see that!


     Lake Anna Wellness Studio, VA

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