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Maternity Leave Resources

It's happening! 

At 38 years old, I'm becoming a first-time mama!

My partner, Sam, and I are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of December!


As a small business owner, it's scary to step away and say "No" to potential income.


But I know this time away from work is going to provide a healthy foundation for myself, our baby and our relationship to parenthood. 

Thank you for understanding and being patient while I'm away!


That being said, I want to leave you with some excellent Health Professionals that I know and trust.


As well as some resources that could come in handy!


Other Health Professionals

You can absolutely send me an email to:

and I will respond to you when I return to work in April 2024.

But if you'd like to start your health journey before then, here are some excellent Health Professionals you can trust:

Put together all of my favorite eats on

⭐️ If you are a current Purium client of mine and need support:


Please contact Rita Jean Flemming here:

⭐️ If you are a current Regenerative Health client of mine needing support:


Please contact Ilsa Greatorex-Duncan:

Or schedule a free consultation here:


⭐️ If you are interested in the cleanses/detoxes/group programs I offer:

You can contact Rita Jean Flemming, a Regenerative Health Specialist:

You can also reach out to my team, Rise Up Wellness Collective

you can trust any of these health professionals:

Helpful Resources

Here is a list of Affiliate Links & Discount Codes to my favorite health products and other companies I love:


Using these links and discount codes will provide a passive income for my family and me during this exciting time of becoming parents for the first time.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Superfoods & Herbal Formulas:
Purium -
DISCOUNT CODE: sproutkissed

Bulk Herbs & Tinctures:
Mountain Rose Herbs -

Superfoods & Bulk Powders:
Wilderness Poets -

Children's Herbs:
BioRay -

Zeolites (Cell Defender) & Nano Silver:
Avini -

Advanced Herbs:
Dr. Robert Morse -

Mira Herbals -

Sustainable Pregnancy, Postpartum & Anyone Clothes:
Kindred Bravely -

Castor Oil & Packs:
Queen of Thrones - 

Image by Brooke Lark

Thank you for again for your interest, your support and your patience!

It's truly a blessing to be able to step away from work during this transformational time.

Sending you love, health, joy and prosperity.
See you in April!

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